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Safety & Silence

The demising walls separating individual suites at The Westerly will be built to a standard far exceeding what is required by current building codes – constructed to not only provide residents with exceptional approx. 63 STC (Sound Transmission Class)* rating for quiet and comfort, but also giving peace of mind knowing that the walls are rated to provide at least 1 hour of fire protection.


a, e – 2 layers 5/8” type x drywall
b, d – 2 1/2” metal studs with 2 1/2” insulation
c – 1” Air space
f – Engineered hardwood floating flooring on silent step acoustical flooring underlayment
g – 8” Thick reinforced concrete slab

STC for walls between suites at the Westerly = approx. 63
Code requirement STC = 50

*The STC scale was developed to measure the airborne sound transmission through a demising wall. An STC of 65 is designed to reduce sound transmission to the maximum extent possible – it is the “gold standard”. Most demising walls are in the range of STC 40-45.
The Westerly exceeding building standards

Built on a strong Foundation

The Seacliff Story

Seacliff Properties, a private, family-owned real estate company based in Vancouver, is proud to bring The Westerly to life. The Seacliff team has more than 30 years of experience in successfully developing, acquiring, and managing large-scale real estate projects—commercial, office, recreational, and residential—throughout Western Canada.

Vancouver Island is now a significant focus for the company, with five large-scale, master-planned communities (totaling more than 1,500 acres) at various development stages, including Fairwinds. From development and construction to management, The Westerly is another example of the commitment to excellence and attention to detail that Seacliff brings to each phase of their projects.